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Patient Testimonials

Aug. 2013

"The Audiologist and staff at AHS has been very knowledgeable and helpful in getting the right hearing aids and accessories. They have been a great help in both selecting the hearing aids as well as in preparing and processing the insurance paperwork. I am very pleased with my hearing aid so far."

Tim E.

Jul. 2013

"Jodi and her staff are very willing to put forth whatever energy is necessary to give the best hearing experience. As those of us with hearing loss know, getting it right is both an objective and subjective effort."

Bill D.

Jul. 2013

"I had used a hearing aid from another supplier for several years but felt it was suboptimal. I sought a second opinion from Dr. Wojcik and she gave me an ear mold and a superior aid; my hearing has amazing improvement. I showed the hearing aid to a University in the UK and they were very impressed with the ear mold which they had never seen before. Very good experience."

Roger S, M.D.

Jul. 2013

"I was told after a dramatic hearing loss in one ear-nothing could 'repair' it and hearing aids were only a slim possibility. After one from a specialist and three others, no help was available. I found Advanced Hearing Solutions in the Yellow Pages, yes the Yellow Pages and within two visits I had great results in my hearing."

Barri S, MS ABS